Skills and Work History

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I have worked with:

I'm lucky to have a wealth of experience under my belt with only 30-odd years on the planet.

I've worked as a consultant, project manager, voiceover artist, copywriter, coach, podcaster, event organiser, cat lady, freelance writer, cookie monster, radio show host, business owner... and much more. 

Armed with ridiculous* organisational skills and the ability to see 'the bigger picture' in business and in projects, I have a unique** ability to simplify systems and processes to benefit everyone. I am often found being nosy and trying to fix things in business and in life, because I believe there's always a better, smarter and faster way to do something. 

You can find a more detailed work history over on LinkedIn.

* Ridiculous in a good way
**Okay, other people can do this too, but I'm extra good at it.